App Gesseven

The image that is kept of the Accountant with a pencil in his hand and heavy accounting books around his desk could not be further from today.

Technology evolves every day and customers become more and more demanding.

Globalization, economic development and increased competitiveness have enabled an increase in the number of companies in the World Economy.

It is essential to create competitive advantages for these companies.

Effectively, one of them and probably one of the main ones is the correct use of available accounting information sources.

Accounting information is essential in any type of organization.

In most cases, the decision-making process determines the difference between the success and failure of the company.

Today, Accounting for the present, anticipates what will come in the future, and is carried out by accountants who are more proactive and close to the business, aided by digital tools that allow them to perform a real-time analysis of all the data that affect financial performance. of companies.

In this context, Gesseven is, as it has always been, at the forefront of the future.

Equipped with its own application, we speak IN THE FUTURE, Accounting in your hand.

An application developed for Gesseven, which allows consulting, archiving and sharing your business data, at any time of the day, and anywhere in the world.

We are switching from Paper Accounting to Digital Accounting.

And also safeguarding your entire file in digital format in order to guarantee the quality and security of all information.

An application that allows:

Consultation and printing

  • Accounting elements
  • Account statements
  • All documents related to Customers, Suppliers, Banks and Cash

Performance analysis

  • Management support reports
  • Productivity charts

Other inquiries and printing

Calendar alerts

Service Requests

Digital archive of all documents